A business that listens

A business that listens

With the establishment of Tulip Winery, we engraved on our flag, more wines and such.
Like the concept of wine, the business concept is also rational. We wanted to create a perfect synergy between social and business operations. This message was the combination of two important concerns, among other things, is that they will come together and support one another.

So we cracked the method – we chose to build the winery in Kfar Tikva (a home for people with special needs). The goal was to integrate the same population with disabilities into the labor market in general and in the wine industry in particular.

There were a lot of concerns and there were a lot of doubts – who would buy a luxury wine made by people with special needs?
We chose to go with our goal and our truth despite all those concerns. It took a very short time to understand that our fears are evaporating into thin air, the special needs workers were captivating, diligent, caring, sensitive and loyal. True, it’s not that simple. But what business is? It requires a lot of patience and tolerance. It takes a lot of quality control, but what matters is the end result, and it’s a huge success – business success and social success.

Over 15 years of activity Tulip Winery has become one of the leading boutique wineries in Israel and with tremendous successes in the international market as well. The winery provides employment for 45 people with special needs who have become an integral part of the organization’s DNA.

We proved otherwise that we have proved that sometimes when you think outside the box, when you dare and when you do good to others, very good things happen. It happened to us!









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