Wine – a story of hope

This year, Tulip Winery, one of the most prominent Israeli wineries in the world and around the world, will celebrate its 15th anniversary and this is an excellent time to tell its unique story.
The winery’s vision was evident from its first day in 2003, a quality boutique winery with a social agenda. The Yitzhaki family established the winery in Kfar Tikva on the outskirts of Kiryat Tivon.
Kfar Tikva was founded in the 1960s to provide a life full of restorative work and hope for adults with special needs.
“At first I thought I was doing something good to the community when I was hiring the villagers in the winery,” says Roy Yitzhaki, the owner and CEO of the winery. “But I soon realized that the people of Kfar Tikva are doing me a much greater favor.
There were also concerns that perhaps the social agenda does not really connect to marketing wine, but we soon realized that the audience tasted and felt in our wines not only quality but the love and desire of all of us for wine. ”



Today, Tulip Winery is a prestigious boutique winery that produces unique, original and unique wines that win quite a few medals in international competitions and international magazines in the wine world.
The winery invests and develops new methods and technologies for vine growing in recent years, “We are turning more and more to work methods that allow vineyards to express themselves in full force, and we have acquired new equipment that helps us to fine-tune the work at the winery. We study nature and the earth every day to create more refined wines,

It is the desire to create unique, daring and groundbreaking wines that leads the winery forward. The entrepreneurial spirit of “Tulipism,” says Yitzhaki, allows us to continue to lead creatively, innovatively, professionally and sensitively, and to prove that social business and social responsibility can also be part of business success.

Tulip Winery receives visitors throughout the week except for Shabbat and gives a tasteful experience full of good stories in a pastoral and special atmosphere.
Tulip Winery Visitor Center, Kfar Tikva, Kiryat Tivon, Tel: 04-9830573

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