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Published in Epoch Times: 

In recent years, we have reached an interesting point in the process in which it is not enough to make good wine. At the Tulip Winery, they call it the “identity revolution”.

The question is what will make the consumer grab the Israeli wine off the shelf, among all the amazing supply he has from the rest of the world? And the answer is a story. A story of a place. A story of Terreur.

“The idea is to create a wine that expresses the cell area in which it grows.” David Bar-Ilan, a Tulip winemaker, tells us, “But we are mistaken to think that to express terreur at its best means minimal intervention, to let nature do its part, but every Terreur naturally contains advantages and challenges, and in order to get the best out of it, So that an important feature in our view of Terreur is the technology in which we are required to use the ”

Robots in the vineyards?

“Not necessarily, although this is also a thing that exists, it can also be expressed in choosing a particular planting method over another method, choosing the amount of irrigation and the pruning direction.”

“In our case in Israel,” continues David, “the hot climate produces wines with a tendency to express very ripe fruit, with a rich presence, wines that we call full and fat”

This can be considered an advantage because most people like a noticeable presence of fruit in the wine. 

“True, but on the other hand the heat produces very high alcohol wines and wines that are monochromatic, imbalanced and lacking elegance”

so what can you do?

We invest a great deal of time in research and experimentation with leading professionals such as Professor Costas Bacasiatas – a world-renowned expert in growing quality grapes in the Mediterranean region and in recent years we have changed our vine growing approaches

Can you provide an example?

“For example, instead of watering in the summer and compensating for the Israeli summer, we complete irrigation in the winter and create a European winter illusion for the vines.

On the one hand, we get the advantages of the Israeli terrier in the form of fruit and rich wines. On the other hand, we gradually achieve wines with lower levels of alcohol than in the past, and more interesting and elegant layered wines ”

Such wines will lead the wine industry forward in your opinion?

“These wines are wines that tell the story well and compliment the story of the Israeli terrier and can definitely bring a statement that will interest all wine consumers in the world.

In addition, one of the most interesting things for us is that we believe that in this competition we are creating solutions that will be used in the future by winemakers from all over the world, including “classic” places, as they are facing the challenges of global warming in the last few years and will likely have to change the tradition in the future. Our existence.

Tulip Winery accepts visitors throughout the week except for Shabbat and gives a tasteful experience full of good stories in a pastoral and special atmosphere.

Tulip Winery Visitor Center, Kfar Tikva, Kiryat Tivon, Tel: 04-9830573

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