Kfar Tikva

Kfar Tikva is a home for special people. It is a community settlement that constitutes a unique model in Israel and abroad, in which people with disabilities and special needs can develop and realize their abilities. The village was established in 1964 by the agronomist Dr. Siegfried Hirsch, on Givot Zaid in the Jezreel Valley, near Kiryat Tivon.
The village has about 200 members

Employment in Kfar Tikva:

The residents of the village can work in different jobs, giving them a sense of dignity, contributing to their self-worth, creating a regular agenda and social belonging. The principle of normalization guides Kfar Tikva and emphasizes the right of the exception to be like everyone else

The Tulip group integrates with the village vision by employing members in the wine process while encouraging community involvement and promoting joint activities, such as the sale of handicrafts created by village members and more.

The members who work in the winery take an active part in the vintage, the wine bottle and its packaging, and assist in hosting the winery visitors' center

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